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■ Zhejiang YINYING switch factory is specialized in producing low-voltage fuse isolation switch business, after-sales service without intermediate links, directly to the customer is responsible.

■ Our guarantee of the quality of goods:

Such as the emergence of goods shoddy, real ones, the company is responsible for double compensation.

According to the law by the relevant departments identified as substandard goods, the company responsible for the return.

In the repair period of two repairs still can not use the goods, the company responsible for the replacement or return.

■ customers since the date of purchase of our products, enjoy a half-year warranty period free of charge, free delivery costs maintenance services. In the warranty period, due to man-made reasons to be replaced by the maintenance of spare parts for goods, we will be the cost of the price charged to the customer accessories.

■ For maintenance over the warranty period: repair costs free of charge; but the goods delivery costs borne by the customer; for the need to replace the merchandise spare parts, we will be the cost price to the customer charge accessories.

■ We provide the return within 7 days of commitment, please click here to view the details of this clause.

We will uphold the customer is God's purpose, not only to provide you with value for money quality products, will also strive to provide you with the perfect service.