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JC series circuit connects the plug-in package, socket (hereafter referred to as main plug-in package , socket) to install in the drawer type switchgear once, decide the electric attachment in the circuit, can make up the one that entered the line and qualified for the next round of competitions once and connect the unit of inserting with other related enclosures . Serial main plug-in package this have alternate from 55mm and 60mm two, outer cover material adopt performance good unsaturated resin, shock-resistant , is able to bear the electric arc. Furnished with the insulating baffle alternatly, and enclose the dust cover . Install additional and protect the enclosures , such as door ,etc., isolate the bus bar from unit room, it is furnished with the wiring bolt to qualify for the next round of competitions in the place , offer user is wiring. Besides this , have specified electric current many return circuit main plug-in package of 630A, user can select way of answering according to need, two groups of sound touch the head to make up .